Stuff it at Bonniers Konsthall.

I’m part of the group exhibition “Stuff it” at Bonniers Konsthall ,15 feb – 2 apr 2023. In the spirit of artist Peter Geschwind and the artist-run gallery Ynglingagatan 1, artists have contributed to the exhibition with a large number of great artworks stuffing the exhibition space from floor to roof.

My contribution is called “Chinese whispers”, a sculptural and improvised dialogue with the AI image generator DALL-E. A photograph of a sculpture has become input to a the AI which has created a variation which in turn has been reproduced into a new sculpture. All the way around, a transmission chain experiment that blurs the line between what is original and variation, who is the creator, human or machine. What is the threshold of originality and what is regarded as aesthetic, artistic and craftsmanship quality?