Fingerprints in Butiken Republiken

My porcelain and glass tableware-series Fingerprints is currently on sale in Butiken Republiken, Stockholm.

“I don’t believe we can easily pull the brakes of mass production, but as designers maybe we can design things that are in a way less suited for it, things that are more sustainable and unique, more easily making the user connect to and create a special bond to the object. Make him/her want to keep it and care for it rather than throw it away after a while. Instead of streamlining the production I would like to see a more personal and unique craft and design. It might get (but not necessary) more expensive, but I like to believe the buyers are willing to pay for a higher quality, sustainability and character.”

“Ersson believes in making things harder, not easier, and more complex rather than easy to grasp. He avoids rulers and compasses and embraces the hand drawn line seeking the analogue rather than the ones and zeros. Just as life tend to be in all its beauty and complexity. So, as a designer, how to set up a resistance against a too streamlined production and also encourage character, sustainability and uniqueness, how to match the individuality of the individual? What can be more individual than the …

… fingerprint?”

The idea of the series is to make the parts have a feel of being hand-made even though the are slip-casted the same way as in the porcelain industry. I’ve casted these myself in moulds made from an original shape, but an original without the fingerprint pattern on it. For every new mould I put a thin layer of clay on the original and make the pattern with my fingers in the clay. In this way, every new mould has a unique pattern and this results in small series of objects with different patterns and by mixing the series in distribution I can create a feeling of every ware having a unique pattern on it.

Both the quotes above are from a short information folder meant to present the series to potential resellers and producers. Download it Here (pdf).