Pots for Vintage plant shop

Swedish-Norwegian design duo Byggstudio opened a temporary Vintage Plant shop in Stockholm in 2008 to trade and exhibit second-hand plants and their background stories. Each buyer/seller was documented and information about the plant was passed on to the next owner.

I was asked to make pots you could buy for your special plant. They had to be reasonably affordable which meant that I had to produce them fast if the price would be in relation to the production cost. I don’t own a throwing wheel so I had to make them by hand. I bought three colors of clay, red, white and black which I knew could be mixed and started building as fast as could, letting them be as the came out and not spending another minute on any kind of post production or finish. The result was expressive and inspiring for me and these pots have affected some of my later works.

In additon I also bought greek style cheap plastic pots and painted greek cliche or tourist style motifs on them.