In the eagles nest, Wwiafm

“Arriving at dusk to the scout cabin – The Eagles nest. The winter is hard on us with the snow pounding in our faces. Together we carried 300 kilos of clay, firewood and food for three days 200 meters up the mountain. The house was cold and we had to have the fire running round the clock. Our hands froze when we started working with the clay. Finally we were at the starting point. To get in the right mood we started immediately with a drum journey.”

A We work in a fragile material project which I was the project leader of together with Ludvig Löfgren and which have had an impact in my own later works. Mainly my second solo exhibition in Gallery Inger Molin, First and second haven. It was about using more or less spiritual methods to put ourselves in a certain inspired state in which to make art. Occult, trans, meditational and improvisational methods  historically used by artists in all times in search for flow and inspiration.

We isolated ourselves in three days a scout-cabin with a lot of drawing paper and clay. We performed different kinds of spiritual exercises, journeys and evocations combined with grabbing the clay making things based on our experiences. 

All the produced objects were then transported and fired in a wood fired Anagama kiln i Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, and then to Oslo where they wer exhibited in the exhibition The state of things, The national museum of art, architechture and design , Oslo.