with Inga kommentarer

Solo exhibition at Kaolin, Stockholm, 2.2 – 20.2 2019

”EXPLO! / EXTINCT! is about technologies to destroy life on the one hand and creating or at least reshaping life on the other hand. An exhibition where destructive, explosive chaos stand against well balanced prehistoric heaviness. Speed crafted ex- and imploding clay chunks against well shaped muscles, hair and tusks. Mammolephants representing the result of years of genetic experiments before resurrecting one living mammoth, stand steady in the ground despite the world around them burning in destructive beauty and a fragility frozen in time.”


Believers in the ideas of progress and technology tend to diminish the dangers of genetical engineering with arguments that any research can be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. In my view though the implications of genetical engineering is of another kind and raises other questions. It’s not about surviving of man but rather who will survive. In the prolonging it’s about aesthetics.  With genetical engineering we can alter properties of life to our liking. We can add what we think is good (beautiful) and remove what we think is bad (ugly). Life becomes dependent of prevalent values and as such they differ both with individuals and over time. Who then decides what will be allowed to exist and what will not?

Images of EXPLO! / EXTINCT! in making.

Masking and glazing


Watch Linus lecture about EXPLO! / EXTINCT!

Linus Ersson lecturing at Kaolin